Admission We Offers

  1. BS Nursing 4 Year Program
  2. Post RN 2 Year Program
  3. Community Midwifery Diploma 2 Year
  4.  Post Basic Specialization (ICU &  CCU)


  • Merit-based subject to clearance exam, college interview and academic performance.
  • No discrimination on the basis of sex, cast, culture, religion and area.
  • The Principal will ensure that the admission process is managed and conducted in a fair transparent professional manner.
  •  Fully Funded Scholarship


    5% Students fully funded scholarship given to students on

    Merit Basis (GPA 4.0 / Semester/ 10%  tuition fee)

          (GPA 3.75 or above /Semester / 5% tuition fee)

    Hafiz – E-Quran scholarship

           5% tuition fee / all semester